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ACTUATORS FACTORY - Tvornica Motornih Pogona (TMP) is founded in 1984. However, real production was started earlier in 1974, under the name of ENERGOINVEST. Actuators factory quickly becomes one of leading companies in the world, and single company of its kind on territory of ex-Yugoslavia. 95% of manufactured products was exported to different world destinations..

TMP is a company which constructs, manufactures, assembles and installs, and maintains its products. All products are result of our own development and engineering, following of new technologies and cooperation with leading world companies.

Our production programme includes actuators (cylindric, conical and spiral), ON-OFF and electromechanic, mechanic, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and electro-hydraulic servo-actuators for regulation of different armatures in nuclear, petrochemical, thermoenergetic industry, exploatation and transport of petrol and natural gases, water management, metalutgy, etc...

Recently we developed and started with the production of first automatic raising bollards which are used for access control, automatic trafic regulation, car theft prevention, parking place reservation, etc...

Good implemented and constantly maintained "Sure quality" program, rounded up with appropriate knowledge and skill level, certified equipment, quaranties constant high-quality products and services of TMP. This makes our products distinguished form others in market, opening us a way towards new projects and references.

In 2004. «Energoinvest - Tvornica Motornih Pogona» is privatized by Partner Group, begining its golden age. With new structural organization and significant investments in inventing new technologies we made it much easier to follow up the complex requests of market.

By presenting our growing reference list we are affirming quality of our work and our ability to fulfill Your valuable requirements.


[ Tvornička 3, 71000 Sarajevo - Bosna i Hercegovina - info@energoinvest-tmp.com - phone. + 387 33 767 125 ]